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My Story


Hi, I'm Nicola, I live on the east coast of Australia. I grew up on the outskirts of Sydney on a small farm with at least one of every animal, which were either found or rescued, horses, cows, geese, chooks, cats, dogs, mice, a lamb, a pig, a currawong with one eye. Raised by a European family I had an enchanted view of nature as they told stories of magical forests and woodland creatures. I would spend hours in the bush exploring creeks and caves, and riding my horse. I expanded my love of nature by obtaining a diploma in Natural Medicine, and expanded that to include energy work.


I worked for years in the heart of the city, and even lived in the U.S.A. My dream was to leave the city life and find a home where I could feel the peace and beauty of nature, as I felt adrift. I found a home in Forster. A small beach town in between the lake and ocean. The water is so clear it feels like liquid crystal, white sand, dolphins, whales, sunsets, sea glass and driftwood. Here Adrift Creations was born. Walking the beach with my dog Zuni I find driftwood, sea glass and other treasures with a story to tell. There is a vibration and an energy in them, a journey that can be both seen and felt.


My creations reflect my deep appreciation for the beauty found in mother nature. Much of the  driftwood that's come to rest on the beach has been blackened by fire, and has seashells in the crevices, which makes me ponder their epic journey. I carry, or drag these pieces home and study it for a while, sometimes weeks, until I understand how best to honour the individual pieces. My aim is to enhance and display nature's own artwork, give it the appropriate platform, and bring the beauty and energy into your home. I combine my passion of art and nature and intentionally and lovingly handcraft the pieces myself. All materials are found by me or/and upcycled. All sea glass  is genuine ocean tumbled and found by me at a secret location.

Thanks for checking out my creations.

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