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Sea Glass & Beach Jewelry

Take the serene beauty,  and deep memory, of the ocean and Auzzie beach with you wherever you go when you carry this treasure. 

"Essentially, genuine sea glass is the conclusion of the remarkable story of a grain of sand’s wondrous journey. The beginning of the story starts when one grain of sand is combined with millions of other grains (plus soda and lime in a man-made process that dates back thousands of years) and glass is born. Eventually, some of that glass finds its way to the ocean in the form of various glass products. With all its power and majesty, the ocean tumbles these now broken shards into magnificent sea glass gems, a process that takes between 10 to 50 or more years ! Then, in due time, the ocean lovingly presents its treasures back to the sand from which it was created years before. Colors of sea glass range from greens, brown and white to rarer blue, purple and citron. The rarest of colors : red, black, orange and yellow.  Each piece of this handcrafted, 100 % authentic ocean  tumbled   sea glass jewelry begins as gems from the beaches of Forster Australia."

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